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Mining Industry Courses

Assured Learning Australia offers the mining industry a variety of training courses such as the section 44 appointed person course to verification of competency (VOC's). As a Registered Training Organisation (RTO) we will work with you to train and assess your teams in the field, often in remote locations, to your system requirements. All training will take place on your equipment as personnel carry out their normal duties utilising your own policies and procedures. 

We can also assist you to design, develop and implement company specific OH&S management and training systems. 

We will work with you to provide:

  • A personalised support from industry experts with extensive knowledge and current experience.

  • Training partnerships to allow contractors to train and assess their own people to nationally accredited standards.

  • Access to a variety of funding sources which can make the training process affordable and user-friendly.


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Section 44 - Appointed Person Course

This course is designed for supervisors and other personnel who are appointed under section 44 of the WHS Act to gain an understanding of the role, responsibilities, duties and legal obligations as a section 44 appointee. 


Why Section 44?

Mine managers are responsible for the safety of all personnel at a mine site however they are unable to monitor all parts of the operation at the same time. Fortunately, under Section 44 of the Mines Safety and Inspection Act (WA) a mine manager can delegate duties to others to assist them in meeting their obligations.


Who is an Appointed Person?

The Mine Manager must appoint as many competent persons as are necessary to assist them to carry out their duties. The number of appointments made will depend on the size, nature and technical complexity of the mine.
In addition to statutory roles, it may include Superintendents, Supervisors, Co-ordinators and Trainers and Assessors.


$150.00 +GST


2 - 2.5 hrs



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Training Partnership Arrangements

Partnerships are a formal agreement between Registered Training Organisations (RTO's) and contractors to allow businesses to train and assess their own people to nationally accredited standards using either their own training materials, the RTO's training materials or a combination of both.

Drilling operations is an occupation that is suited perfectly to this arrangement given the remoteness of operations and the requirement for a cohesive productive team to be developed.

Contact us for an informal chat to determine your company's eligibility. 


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