BSB41419 - Certificate IV in Work Health and Safety


People operating in WHS roles provide leadership and guidance on safety matters to other workers and business leaders. To ensure they are fully equipped to carry out this role a safety qualification must be held, the standard being BSB41419 Certificate IV in Work Health and Safety.

Completing this training course will give anyone a sound understanding of the Australian Safety regulations and their best practices and will develop knowledge and practical application of work health and safety including the latest legislation, management systems, safety cultures, workplace monitoring, consultation and injury management.

Additionally, learning how to identify hazards, assess and control risks, and assist in the response to accidents. The course will also teach students how to contribute to the implementation of WHS strategies to control risks and implement emergency procedures.


A work health and safety qualification will help anyone take the next step in their career, whether directly involved in workplace safety, contributing to WHS systems in the workplace as a supervisor, or providing support to the company’s WHS systems in general. 

It is a valuable qualification that can be utilised for a range of employment opportunities.


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