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Car Mechanic

Car Maintenance for Beginners

This course is aimed at anyone who would like to know more about how their car works and would like to learn how to carry out simple maintenance tasks to reduce trips to the garage and how to confidently discuss your car’s service and repair requirements with mechanics.

This is an extensive workshop for absolute novices, and will cover:

  • Vehicle layout, components and identification,

  • Fluid levels and checks,

  • Tyres / changing them / tyre sizes / wheel alignments / pressures,

  • Preventative maintenance and logbook servicing,

  • Engine checks - oil & filter changing,

  • Cooling system checks and adjustments,

  • Battery charging and maintenance,

  • Fuel filters, air filters, pollen filters, spark plugs, bulbs and fuses,

  • Brake rotor, brake pad and brake shoe replacement,

  • Bodywork maintenance, 

  • Vehicle valeting - cleaning and polishing,

  • Replacing wiper inserts

  • Air conditioning systems and re-gas, 

  • Seat belts/child restraints

We’ll have cars onsite for our demo's and to let you get your hands dirty practicing what you've learned. If time allows you can use your own vehicle to become familiar with and practice on.

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