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Automotive Diesel Emission Control Systems

This course relates to the emission control systems found in heavy vehicles and machinery. It covers the construction and operation of the vehicle emission control system and its components, the composition and analysis of exhaust gasses to aid diagnostic testing, the interpretation of results, and repair procedures.
The systems can include those found in agricultural machinery, heavy commercial vehicles, or mobile plant machinery.

Course Content

  • Safety considerations associated with heavy vehicle emission control systems, including procedures for working safely with engines producing toxic emissions.

  • Environmental requirements, including procedures for containing and disposing of emission control system fuels, fluids and components.

  • Heavy vehicle exhaust gas composition and analysis, including:

    • Carbon monoxide.

    • Oxides of nitrogen.

    • Ozone.

    • Sulphur dioxide.

    • Particulate matter.

    • Hydrocarbons

  • Construction and operating principles of heavy vehicle emission control systems and components, including:

    • Closed Crankcase Ventilation systems,

    • Exhaust Gas Recirculation (EGR) systems, 

    • Diesel Engine Particulate Filter systems, 

    • Selective Catalytic Reduction systems (AdBlue), 

    • Catalytic Converter systems, 

  • Diagnostic testing procedures for the heavy vehicle emission control systems listed above utilising scan tools, multi-meters, oscilloscopes and exhaust gas analysers. 

  • Repair procedures for heavy vehicle emission control systems, including procedures for removing, replacing and adjusting system components

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