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Hybrid & Battery Electric Vehicle

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Hybrid electric vehicles have been around for many years in relatively small numbers, more recently we have seen the arrival of battery electric vehicles as more and more manufacturers add them to their product range. They still only account for a small percentage of the market but with technological advancements and reduced manufacturing costs the number of vehicles is steadily on the increase. Governments around the world are banning future sales of internal combustion engine vehicles and adopting electric vehicle policies and commitments of support. Whether we like it or not our industry is changing and until the next technology is found electric vehicle technology is the path we are taking. 

Hybrid electric vehicles are now regularly seen on the second hand market and are getting to the age were more and more repairs are required. As such, the service and repair of these older vehicles is no longer confined to the main dealer networks as owners look around for the best deal and more convenient locations.  

Hybrid and battery electric vehicles make use of high voltage electrical systems that can range from 100 to over 400 volts, the dangers that these voltages pose to workers does not need emphasising, the electrical industry is licenced and they only work with 240 volts!! Who should complete this training? Workshop supervisors and senior technicians require a complete awareness of the hazards and risks that are present whilst working on these vehicles and the safety measures that must be employed to reduce the risk of serious injury to anyone who may come into contact with them in the workplace. However, anyone who is involved with these vehicles would benefit from the basic safety training course. 


Units of competency covered:

  • AURETH011 - Depower and reinitialise hybrid electric vehicles, and

  • AURETH101 - Depower and reinitialise battery electric vehicles

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