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Anyone working in the motor vehicle service and repair industry should attend training on the safe deactivation and testing of high voltage vehicle batteries. Workshop supervisors and senior technicians also require a complete awareness of the hazards and risks that are present whilst working on these vehicles and the safety measures that must be employed to reduce the risk of serious injury to anyone who may come into contact with them in the workplace.

Are you aware of Australian Standard AS 5732_2015 - Electric Vehicle Operations - Maintenance and Repair? Does your workshop have a designated person for Hybrid Vehicle work? Are they qualified? What are their responsibilities under the standards? If you currently work on or want to work on Hybrid vehicles and the answer to any of these questions is 'No' or 'I don't know' then you need to attend this course.

Depower and Reinitialise Hybrid and Battery Electric Vehicles

  • This nationally accredited training course combines hybrid and battery electric vehicle theory with practical safety training and hazard awareness. Attendees will become familiar with the components and systems utilised in these vehicles, how to make them safe prior to carrying out work and what is required to successfully reinstate them prior to return to the customer.

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